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Artist Statement

I am a Michigan resident who creates pictorial art using wood. This unique artform is called marquetry. (mar-ket–tree) It involves hand cutting different colored and grained wood into shaped pieces that, when put together, form an image. While the design phase is a free-flowing act of inspiration, the creation process is a meticulous and precise execution of skill. Many exotic woods from around the world are used to get a good mix of colors, textures and grain patterns that can closely represent each element in the picture. There are no stains used in this technique, and all of the colors you see are natural wood tones with a clear protective finish applied.

With a background in both art and woodworking, marquetry seemed to be the most creative way of utilizing all of my talents. My marquetry skills are mostly self-taught, as this form of art is not as well known in the United States. It has a much deeper history and tradition in Europe where I receive much of my advice and guidance in perfecting my art. I belong to both the Marquetry Society of England and The American Marquetry Society. The uniqueness of this work is one of the drawing points for those who wish to own something that is both beautiful and out of the ordinary. What I like most about the medium is how wood can be used to create visual effects that could not be done with paint. Many woods have a texture and luster that changes depending on the angle of light and the vantage point of the viewer. These interesting aspects of wood marquetry make the creative process exciting for the artist and the finished result alluring to see.

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