The English Inn project is complete!

I just put several coats of clear lacquer on it and it turned out beautiful…. Here is how it looks:

If you want to see the progress video, including the magic moment of applying the first coat of finish, here it is:



english inn adjustments…

I made some adjustments to the picture at this point…

The dark shadows on the left seem too dark. I lightened them.

The trees needed a little more detail and shadow. I added that.

This is where I am now:

It is pretty much done…

More progress photos after I glue bond it to its backing board, and sand it…


more english inn progress…

The detail work goes slowly, then things pick up the pace at the end when I
do the large sections that rely heavily on awesome grain patterns.
I am almost done with the small detail work, and am transitioning into the
‘big picture’ phase.
It’s going to look more impressive now that things are in context.
(Remember, things are still covered in glue and crud… that will go away)
Here I’m inseting a window into the building…
The canopy and little roof just went in… notice how the lines on the top
of the canopy are not perfectly straight?
(Hard to see in this photo, but I’ve attached a full resolution photo for
you to zoom in on)
If they were straight, it wouldn’t look right. If you look at the original
photo, the fabric is flowing and uneven.
To capture it correctly, you purposly have to vary your lines.
Here it is without the tape obscuring it.
(I flip the project over and take a photo of the backside. But, because it
is in reverse, I flip the image digitally in photoshop)
Now, we put in a roof…
Things start to come together now as I add in the other part of the
Just installed the stairs.
Starting to look pretty cool now, huh?
More updates to come…

english inn progress update…

Coming along on schedule. Almost finished with the windows. They are delicate work.
Here are two of the further windows on the inn:
Keep in mind that the photos I am taking are of the pieces in their raw state.
There is glue squeeze and crud covering the outer surface of the wood from gluing the small parts together.
All of that will sand off after the picture is completed and bonded to the backing board.
I removed all of the support tape from the small sub-assemblies so you can see them all in their proper place…
More progress to come….

New marquetry update…

This is what it looks like from the backside without tape obscuring the view…
(I flipped the image in photoshop to make it a correct mirror image)
Coming along quite well.
Finishing up the detail work of the large front window and the smaller window above it.
Here are the progress photos…
further along…
Here is the smaller window above it…

English inn progress…

I put more detail into the big gable of the inn.

I put in some dark strips to show shadow under a few of the beams on the right.
I like to do most of the complex, fine detail of a picture first. So, I started with the gable and now I’ve moved to the front set of windows.
I wanted to get a multi-level look to the woodwork on the window framing. So, using 3 different tones of yellow, the sketch shows how the 3 tones will be used.
I cut thin strips of each color and combined them by edge gluing them together to form each rail of the frame.
The  strips either alternate Medium / Dark / Medium / Dark
or Light / Medium / Light / Medium
as shown in the photo, the top two are examples of the first and the bottom two are examples of the second.
So, I started to assemble the framing together…
The window panes are light in this area because there is a curtain in the space behind it.
fter completing more of it, I thought that the vertical part of the window frames had too dark of shadowing.

With the Dark / Medium / Dark / Medium ,  the dark is too dark.
So, I re-made the strips to have a lighter tone for the Dark.
I popped those strips in and I think they will work better. More subtle. And they will pop a little more when the lacquer finish goes on when it is all done.
It will all look better when the windows are in context with everything else that surrounds it.
Still coming along well.
More updates to come….

First progress update…

I started on the main peak of the roof with the beams and the bricks.

english inn

You can see where I selected the area of the woodstock that best fit the picture.
Here I am starting the window…
It will all start to come together more and more as I get further along.
More progress to come…

English Inn project…

This project will be a wedding gift… they are getting married at this quaint English inn and want to capture the memory in marquetry.

Original Photo

This building has a lot of character… it should be a fun project.