Detour… new project

I’ve set aside the Chris Craft picture to start a commission piece.
Instead of another picture, I was asked to make a couple of name plaques for a boat.
The owner said that the name plaques he had made for the boat a few years ago are falling apart. He wants me to replace them with ones that will hold up to the weather.
Here is a photo of the boat with the old plaques attached to the boat:

Here is a close-up of the old plaque:

Here is what I have made, so far, to replace them.
It is made of Yellowheart letters with a contrasting black edging added. The background wood is a fabulous piece of Makore.

I am bonding this marquetry to a solid boards of Jatoba. (Very dense and stable wood)
Then I will cut out the decorative pattern on the ends and put a water-tight finish on them.
More updates to come…

Back from New Orleans…

Had a great time in Louisiana.
Spent a week in New Orleans soaking up the local culture.
Great food. Great music. Great fun.
Here I am with my wife in front of St. Charles Cathedral in Jackson Square…

Here is a good shot of the cathedral…

Toured the French Quarter, including Burbon Street. Walked through dozens of art galleries. Toured the old historic homes in the ‘Garden District’. Toured their oldest cemetary with all of the crypts… including Nicolas Cage’s! (very strange)
Though it was fun, I’ve been missing my work. So, I’m glad I’m back and can dig into it again.